Superior electronics AirCo Plus

Airco mando a distancia

Universal remote control for air conditioning AirCoPlus

  • Automatic or manual programming
  • All the functions of the original remote
  • Programmer clock
  • Indicates the room temperature
  • Illuminated screen

1. Preparation of the remote control

– Remove the back cover of the battery compartment.

– Insert 2 batteries (type AAA), paying attention to the polarity indicated on the battery compartment.

2. Programming the remote control

2.1 Search by brand

– Search the code table for the code (s) corresponding to the brand itself (eg, if you find 0188-0196, it refers to all codes from 0188 to 0196 inclusive).

– Enter the code (s) found by direct input.

2.1.1 Direct code entry

– Press the key (indicated in the manual): the model code flashes on the screen.

– Press the 4 keys corresponding to the 4 digits of the desired code.

– Check the correct operation of the remote control; if a correct answer is not obtained from the device, try entering the following code of the mark (2.1.1) If no code satisfies the functions of the device itself, carry out the automatic search (2.2) NOTE: when pressing the key the following code is selected

2.2 Automatic Search

– Holding the remote control towards the air conditioner, press the key (indicated in the manual) until the code of the model does not start to increase (approximately 5 sec.)

– Release the key (indicated in the manual) keeping the remote control pointed at the conditioner.

– When the conditioner is turned on, press any key to stop the search. – Check the correct operation of the remote control; If you do not get a correct answer from the device, continue with the Automatic Search (2.2)